Perfect Wedding Bouquets For You To Hold

Just like you, your wedding bouquet deserves to be as elegant

Let us help you celebrate your registration of marriage (ROM) or wedding day in Petaling Jaya with a carefully arranged bouquet made with imported fresh flowers that are sourced from around the world. Elegantly enveloped in premium wraps and tied to symbolise the bond between two love birds. 

We at DJOL Bridal offers the best wedding bouquet service for those in Petaling Jaya. Nothing else can compare to a bouquet of flower that is being held by a bride on her wedding day – each bouquet style has a meaning behind it, just as the colours of flowers used and added embellishments. 

We also provide floral arrangements for your ROM and wedding hall aside from wedding bouquets in Petaling Jaya. Choose styles that range from classy to contemporary, with colours for the wedding bouquet and arrangements to reflect the day you envision anywhere in Petaling Jaya

By having floral arrangements in any hall in Petaling Jaya, it helps to accentuate the ambience and helps to complement the theme and colour that adorns the venue. Your dress and suit, the table pieces, and even lighting help enhance the magical feel of a wedding day with a few arrangements of flowers in any venue in Petaling Jaya.

Our wedding bouquet and floral arrangement stylists in Petaling Jaya will create the perfect arrangement for you – in the most exciting and elegant way that is not only beautiful to look but also long-lasting and keeps the ambience of your ROM and wedding day anywhere in Petaling Jaya fresh and lovely.

From traditional neutral hues of whites and ivory, blush tones to vivid colours, or even a colour palette you’re inspired by, together we can create the perfect wedding bouquet for your dream day. If a more personalised wedding bouquet is what you want to achieve, reach out to us so that we can curate a custom-made wedding bouquet in Petaling Jaya for you.