Plan The Wedding Of Your Dreams

Walk down the aisle to the wedding you envisioned

We at DJOL Bridal offers the wedding planning service in Petaling Jaya so that you get to host the most memorable wedding day for your guests and you.

More often than not, planning a wedding in Petaling Jaya sounds hectic and stressful – but it shouldn’t be. 

You want your guests to be as happy as you are on your wedding day – that’s why hosting a beautiful wedding is as important as your gown and suit, floral arrangement, and wedding photos.

Having a dream wedding is a lot easier than you think – especially when you have professionals working for you. Do you want to replicate a wedding theme you saw online for your own wedding? We can help you make it a reality with our expertise in the world of wedding planning in Petaling Jaya

Our wedding planning in Petaling Jaya starts with you telling us what you wish your wedding to be like – the wedding style, theme, colours, and where you’d like to have it. We’ll conceptualize and create your wedding planning in Petaling Jaya from sourcing unique venues, decorations, and gifts thoroughly to assist you with your wedding planning anywhere in Petaling Jaya

We believe that every groom and bride who are in love and eager to get married deserves a dream wedding through excellent wedding planning. That’s why offer you with a comprehensive list of wedding planning services in Petaling Jaya that help you every step of the way leading to your wedding day. 

If you need help in deciding what you need based on your wedding style and budget, we can provide you with a wedding planning consultation in Petaling Jaya, coming up with a package that is tailored for you. We pride ourselves in working with premium suppliers in the industry who complements our wedding planning service in Petaling Jaya and they are as dedicated to our clients as we are.

Our large network of associates are from the industry includes logistics and transportations to ease the process and flow of your wedding.