Your bridal shoes are right up there with the gown in terms of priority. For starters, you are going to spend a lot of time in them so you need to love looking at them, wearing them and moving in them – and it should be all three, rather than one or the other! Our word of advice: pick wisely!


Comfort first

You are going to be on your feet for pretty much all day, all night long so comfort is the most important thing. Height is obviously a big determiner of this factor. The higher the heel, the more strain on your muscles and back. Pick lower, wider heels or flats if you want to dance all night long. But if height is important then wear those stilettos by all means but add padding and pick softer, breathable materials.

Consider the venue

Are you having an outdoor wedding? Heels definitely do not do well for a beach or garden wedding. Does your wedding venue have many steps or are you expecting to be running up and down steps? Not a good day to try out higher than usual heels! Keep this in mind when you are shoe shopping.

Wear them in

Don’t buy them then store them away until your special day. Shoes need to be broken in so they will expand and mould to your unique feet shape. So once you find the perfect pair, wear them for a few hours a day at home. Walk around, stand for a period of time like to prep a meal, dance in them if you plan to do a dance on your day.








Dress before shoes

Don’t be tempted to rush out and buy the first pair of shoes that catch your eyes. The dress has to lead. Your shoes should complement your dress style, length, colour and details. For example, if you are opting for a short dress or shorter hemline then you would want to flaunt a dazzling pair of shoes. That said, do pick out your shoes before alterations so the hem can be adjusted to fit the shoe height.

Try before you buy

As much as possible, do test out the shoes before paying for them. If you’re buying them off the shelf then you should definitely prance around the shop and get comfortable in them. But if you want to shop online for greater variety then check out the return policy, if there is one. Consider buying a cheaper pair from the same shoemaker or brand first so you know if the fit and cut suits your feet.

Get a few pairs

Why not? If you are a bride who loves her shoes then you should absolutely have more than a few pairs for your big day, especially if you’re changing dresses throughout the day. But you might want to consider getting some that can be worn again post-wedding so you don’t have too many shoes sitting in your cupboard. (Psst! Our photographers say it’s not too crazy an idea to get a pair just for your wedding photos!)







Your Personal Shoemaker  

Did you know we offer customized shoe making service? DJOL Bridal is proud to work with Blowfish™ Malaysia, an established, multi-generation shoe maker helmed by a family of experienced artisans.

Combining years of handmade shoe making with new technology, they offer stylish, luxurious custom-made quality footwear for your big day.



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