“Pick a shoot venue that is versatile. There should be different angles to shoot from, a variety of backgrounds within one venue, a mix of shaded and lit areas…so we can work with the changing light. It doesn’t matter if it’s an indoor or outdoor venue but allow some room for your photographer to experiment with. If there is only one shoot angle at a venue, no matter how beautiful it looks, you can only get a fixed number of photographs. And no one wants an album of the same photos!”

-Tim Ng


“Budget for event day and pre-wedding photographs. It really isn’t either or; you need to have both! Event day is a snapshot of all the people and moments that are important and you want to look back and remember each. But pre-wedding photographs are a celebration of your love. The focus is on you two and without the rush of the wedding day programme, the couple and the photographer can get so much more from the session.”

– Feng


“Treat us like your BFF. Make sure your photographer knows who is who, what shots are musts, which events are most important… When a moment is gone, it is hard to recreate or stage it, especially when it is on the day of the event. Also work with a photographer who listens. Some are obsessed with getting particular shots or angles that they forget it isn’t about them; it’s about you! So most important thing to sort out up front with your wedding photographer is communication.”

– Martin Kheng


“Get your wedding planner or wedding team to work with us. In this time and age, everyone wants a photo for their IG and that often gets in our way. Not everyone likes being told off by the photographers but having a friend, cousin or family member explain it to them makes it easier and also allows us to focus on our job.”

– Wen Sheng


“I personally love to include some ‘real life’ shots when doing pre-wedding. I like to ask couples to come with some of their own clothing, props, accessories. This brings out the personality of both the groom and bride. And it offers a nice variety of photos whether you’re doing a slide show during your wedding dinner or displaying them at home.”

-Tim Ng


“While I’m all for being true to yourself, I also feel couples need to be open to trying something different. Sometimes you have brides who only want a natural makeup style and that doesn’t always hold up under the studio lighting. Or couples who don’t want to try a certain pose. I don’t believe in forcing the clients; it is after all your day. But at least try it out. Let us take a photo to show you and if you don’t like the look, the gown or the pose then we can do something new.”

– Joe Tee




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