Take our quiz and find out which suit style is the right one for you.


Are you…

  • Having a cozy or semi-casual wedding?
  • A casual kind of dresser with an easygoing, relaxed style?
  • Someone who likes to look smart but without too much effort?
  • Likely to put comfort over style?

You should get a…classic suit!

While you do want to look sharp on your big day, you really don’t want to fake it with something that is not you. Comfort matters to you so you want to wear something that looks good but also feels right. The suit is a versatile investment and the perfect splurge for your big day. It is smart without being dressy, and can be jazzed up and personalized with accessories like a collared shirt, vest, belt, tie, socks and shoes of choice. It also pairs easily with wedding gowns of different styles and can be duplicated for all your groomsmen. A two-piece is casual while a three-piece ups the style stakes considerably.


Are you…

  • Having a formal wedding with lots of pomp and grandeur?
  • One to stand on tradition?
  • On-trend and appreciates the nuances of fashion?
  • Happy to dress up for the occasion?

You should get a…tuxedo!

There’s no match for the tuxedo if you are in the market for something that is formal, timeless and traditional. Satin details – lapels, buttons and stripes – make this a really dapper piece. Add on cufflinks and snazzy studs on your shirt, and you are set to shine. The tux is a must for a formal, grand wedding or a black-tie dinner at night. But you could, of course, pick a tuxedo just because you want to be a stylish groom; it is, after all, your big day!


Are you…

  • Having a casual wedding where fun is the main order of the day?
  • Loves to dress up and will go out of your way if required to?
  • Keen to try something different?
  • A fairly regular guy but don’t want to be a boring groom?

You should get a…coloured or patterned suit!

A suit would be a better match for your fun personality and occasion although we wouldn’t rule out the tuxedo because we bet you can jazz that up into a wild ensemble. Or maybe you’re pretty regular when it comes to fashion but find the typical black and grey suit oh-so-dull. Picking a coloured suit or even an all-white one is a great way to make a statement and inject your personality. Colours also make it easier to coordinate with your partner’s dress or wedding theme. Alternatively, play with patterns. You can opt for the standard black, navy or grey palette but get adventurous with patterns like checks and stripes.



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