From classic to overly dramatic, choose a style from the most popular bridal bouquet arrangements.

Flowers are as much a part of the wedding tradition as the ring and the gown. Your choice of flowers for your bridal bouquet allows you to inject your personality, stand out as the star of the day, set the tone for the wedding theme and décor, and complete your overall ensemble. So pick your blooms with care!


The most common of wedding bouquets, this classic style is a traditional and popular one that pairs easily. The flowers are packed tightly into a structured, round bouquet and tied tightly by an accenting ribbon and/or lace with the stems are cut to the same length for a neat ‘handle’. Also similar to the posy and hand-tied styles.


Make a dramatic entrance with the cascade bouquet. A ‘waterfall’ of flowers and greens are artistically bundled together to look like its flowing over the bride’s hand towards the floor almost like a piece of draped fabric. This stylish arrangement is an eye-catcher so make sure your gown and accessories don’t try to steal the show.


Looking for something different? How about making an unconventional choice with the pomander? This 360 bouquet is made up of flowers tied together into a sphere to be carried with a loop of ribbon. Also known as a kissing ball, this is a great style to show off your favourite bloom.


As its name suggests, this bouquet looks like one that is handed out in a pageant. Showy and grand, it is a big, eye-catching bundle of breathtaking blooms that is carried in the crook of your arm – the way a beauty queen does when she wins her crown. This is a good choice if you are walking down the aisle.


A mix of traditional, unconventional and striking, flowers in this arrangement are arranged in a horizontal crescent shape – like a moon. The theatrical style allows just about any bloom to be used whether common or exotic.


Using a basket to hold your floral arrangement is rustic, charming and down-to-earth. The pastoral style blends perfectly with the greenery of outdoor or garden weddings. A big plus point is that a water source can be hidden inside the basket to keep the flowers from wilting too soon.



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