Whatever your body type, rest assured there is a wedding dress for you. Unlike most of the fashion world, bridal fashion is very accommodating. There are gowns for every body type and each style flatters certain features while hiding flaws. It is no wonder that every brides look fabulous on her big day!


Here are some tips on how to shop for your body type.


Body shape: Pear

Most women fall under this category. Typical pear shapes are bottom heavy – wide hips and maybe chunkier thighs – which makes the upper body look smaller in proportion. Choose a fitted bodice that shows some skin or shoulder to draw attention upwards. Pair this with a big skirt that flares from the middle to accentuate the waist and cover up the lower body.


Try: The classic princess gown with a sweetheart neckline.


Body shape: Reverse pear

Swimmers tend to have this type of body shape – well-defined, strong shoulders and upper body and smaller, slim hips. Well-endowed women also fall into this shape. Again, this is a matter of balancing out the silhouette. Gowns with capped sleeves or shoulder straps are ideal for covering up wide shoulders. A full skirt cinched at the waist conjures up a sexy courtesan. Or go demure with an empire line with a soft, cascading skirt. Both waist line and skirt options will help create much-needed balance.


Try: A plunging neckline with lace shoulder straps and full skirt.


Body shape: Apple

The apple-shaped body packs the most weight around the middle, which may pose a challenge, but thankfully bridal gown designers are masters of disguises! Like the pear shape, you should play up your upper body with a pleated or ruched bodice to hide the stomach area. A natural flare into an A-line skirt will balance out the rounder middle.


Try: A pleated strapless lace bodice with an A-line skirt. 


Body shape: Hourglass

Ah, who does not envy the lady with a sexy hour glass figure with curves in all the right places? If this is you then flaunt your booty to the max! Lucky you, there is hardly a gown that will not look absolutely stunning on you. But with curves like that, you should definitely consider a fitted bodice and fit-and-flare skirt that will emphasize all your assets. If a dramatic fish tail gown is on the racks, all the better to show off!


Try: A figure hugging strapless with a fit-and-flare skirt.

Body shape: Slim

The slim, skinny or athletic bride generally has few problems in picking out a gown. With no particular problem areas to cover up, the racks are hers for the picking! Slinky gowns that hugs the contours of the body are easy to carry off for this body shape. But if its curves you want, opt for a princess cut and all its girly touches to soften a muscular or angular figure.


Try: A trendy two-piece that pairs a cropped top with a figure hugging skirt.



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