Or most couples, a wedding budget is a limited figure, not a blank cheque! And with so many things competing for that budget, some newlyweds-to-be are opting out of wedding photography to stretch their resources further. If this is you, hear us out before you make a decision.

Memories fade, photos lasts forever

You think you will never forget the most important day of your life. But the truth is you most definitely will! Our memories are compromised by time, age and other major life events. Over time, the details get fuzzy – what did he looked like on that day, what was that dress she wore that made her look so breathtaking, did your BFF from primary school make it, what did our wedding invitation look like? Photos help immortalize these memories and allow you to relive the precious moments again and again.

You may never look as good as you do on this day!

Months in the gym getting in shape. Weeks finding the perfect dresses and suits. Hours spent on hair and makeup. Let’s be honest; you are unlikely to ever spend that much time and effort to look as good as you did on your wedding day! In our books, it is definitely a time in your life that you should record forever. You may never want to bother with getting all dressed up again like that, but you will always enjoy looking back on that day when both of you look like you just stepped out of a movie set!

Photography doesn’t have to cost a lot

Couples cite exorbitant cost as the main reason for axing wedding photography from their list. But not if you know how to hack it! Steer clear of rigid packages with blown up price tags and lots of limitations. Instead pick a photography partner who allows customization to fit your budget. Our wedding photography packages start from RM1999 only with a choice of two studio locations – the rest is up to you to design according to your dreams and fancies! Oh, and you get to bring back all our digital copies so you don’t have to pick just a handful and agonize over the other hundred that look equally gorgeous.

We hope we have convinced you to reconsider your decision to skip the wedding photos! Drop by our studio at The Hub@SS2 for a chat to see how we can work with you to get stunning photographs well within your budget.



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